About Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

Chattanooga’s Premier Specialty Veterinary Center

As the premier specialty and emergency veterinary hospital for Chattanooga and beyond, we view our hospital as a neighborhood partner. When pet owners fear their pet needs help, we’re here. And when neighborhood veterinarians need extra support to care for patients, we’re a trusted resource that has the tools to provide advanced treatment.

Whether you need help managing injuries when a neighborhood veterinarian is closed, or you’re looking for advanced diagnostics, evaluations, and care, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Chattanooga offers state-of-the-art veterinary care in an environment rooted in comfort and compassion. 

Referring Veterinary Patients to Animal Emergency & Specialty CenterWe’re a one-of-a-kind specialty animal hospital.

Pet owners and veterinarians often have high expectations from our hospital, which we’re determined to exceed. Our equipment is modern, effective, and reliable, and our facilities are pristine. When you walk into our hospital, you know you’re in good hands. 

Our team truly cares about veterinary medicine.

Our specialty director, Dr. Jeff Phillips, leads a team of board-certified and residency-trained veterinarians. Each veterinarian undergoes ongoing training to become as skilled as possible when navigating emergencies or challenging cases. There’s no better place for your pet to be.

Our hospital’s differences.

While every veterinary hospital is unique, we’re proud to have a number of factors that set us apart.

  1. Our incredible team. Our veterinarians and support team members focus on the welfare of patients—always.
  2. Ongoing training and development. At Animal Specialty & Emergency Center Chattanooga, we challenge ourselves to be as knowledgeable as possible in our field. A dedicated team of learners, we prioritize ongoing advanced training to increase our knowledge base and provide the best treatments possible. In fact, our commitment to training and development has expanded, and we now deliver education and resources to local veterinary practices and public groups.
  3. Referral support for veterinarians. Our veterinarians work with yours to coordinate the best care for your pet. We offer a program of continuing education events, free-of-charge. every year to the region’s veterinarians, veterinary managers, and veterinary technicians to ensure veterinarians know they can trust us.
  4. Our immaculate facility. We understand that, for pet owners, veterinary hospitals can be overwhelming. To help our clients feel at ease, we provide a comfortable sitting area with refreshments and distractions, while our veterinarians utilize our equipped surgical suites, exam rooms, a vibrant treatment room, and more.
  5. We care. We love what we do—caring for animals. Your pet is your family, and we want your pet to be as happy and healthy for as long as possible.