Canine cardiology experts

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is proud to offer board-certified specialist, Jess Weidman, DVM, DACVIM/Cardiology to partner with your veterinarian for the best care of your dog. When your dog is in need of advanced diagnostics with specialized equipment or has a complex condition in need of expert assessment, our incredible veterinary cardiologist is the perfect match for your pup.

In our state-of-the-art facility, we utilize advanced technology and diagnostics to best assess your dog’s condition. When your dog needs an ultrasound, endoscopy, CT, or more, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is your best choice for quick results and compassionate care.

  • AWESOME!!! Dr. Wong and his staff are excellent. They cared for my dog like family, and the surgery came out just as it was explained to me. Thank you!

    James R Dog Owner
  • We took our puppy, Miss Weenie, here last night because she had gotten into our trash and was puking a lot. I was very impressed with this facility: it is very nice and clean, all of the staff was friendly, and they helped us get the payment taken care of. It also didn't cost us an arm and a leg!

    Brandy O Dog Owner

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How We Do It

We work closely with your family veterinarian to provide complete veterinary care for your dog. We offer a case review, assessment of your dog’s current condition, diagnostics for complete or further evaluation, and case-management planning. Our internists are experts in their field, ready to help you provide the very best care for your beloved dog. At AESC, specialists collaborate very best results and take advantage of our 24-hour advanced patient care offerings.

New clients: what to expect

  1. Have your veterinarian schedule a consultation for your dog
  2. Your dog will be assessed in consultation with our internist
  3. The veterinary internist will discuss a treatment and diagnostic plan.
  4. You’ll be given an estimate for treatment.
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Veterinarians: how to refer

  1. Please call our referral coordinator to let us know you have a patient in need of a surgical consultation.
  2. Send a referral form and the patient’s record via fax or email or with your client. Thank you for your referral.
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